Accessibility to education has never been easier. If you have a smart phone, tablet, laptop, PC, or even some e-readers you can access the internet and move the classroom right into your home, workplace, or anywhere and anytime you have the desire to study. The Kilgore Academy collaborates with CAPDM LTD and Opus Learning LTD to offer completely self-contained online courses where texts, videos, activities, and assessments are all included in every course, making the purchase of textbooks and obscure student fees unnecessary, thus increasing the convenience of study. Our courses are in use at the university level in the UK and as CrossFit approved CEU and NCSF approved CEC courses, all are available with global access.Online does not mean no practical elements. We teach and assess practical abilities as part of all of our skills courses.CLICK HERE TO GO SEE OUR CEU/CEC COURSES

Killustrated started off life as a garage based art and apparel print studio featuring the work of Lon Kilgore, an award winning art school dropout. Today Killustrated retains its original attention to gym décor and exercise clothing but has expanded into publishing some of the easiest to read and most practical fitness and exercise science books available. Each product in the Killustrated lines, art, apparel, or book, are personally designed, written, or their development are overseen by Lon Kilgore. Click here to visit the Killustrated website.

Dr. Kilgore on "Offline"

Some Publications:
Paradigm of Exercise Physiology

Anatomy and Pulling a Bar

Anthropometric variance in humans

Severity of viral infection and hyperthermia

A bit about certification and education

Professor Lon Kilgore graduated from Lincoln University with a BSc in biology, MSc in Kinesiology from Kansas State University, and earned a Ph.D. from the Department of Anatomy and Physiology at Kansas State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. He has competed in weightlifting to the national level since 1972 and coached his first athletes from a garage gym to national championship event medals in 1974. He has also competed in powerlifting, the first CrossFit Total event, wrestling, and rowing. He has worked in the trenches, as a coach or scientific consultant, with athletes from rank novices to professionals and the Olympic elite, as a collegiate strength coach, and was co-developer of the Basic Barbell Training and Exercise Science specialty certs for CrossFit (mid-2000s). He was a certifying instructor for USA Weightlifting for more than a decade and a frequent lecturer at events at the U.S. Olympic Training Center. He is a decorated military veteran (SGT US Army). His illustration, authorship, and co-authorship efforts include the best-selling books “Starting Strength” (first and second editions) and “Practical Programming for Strength Training” (first and second editions), recent releases “Anatomy without a Scalpel” and “FIT,” magazine columns, textbook chapters, and numerous research journal publications. His professional goal is to provide the best quality, most practical, most accessible and highly affordable educational experiences to fitness professionals through his university work and through his online learning courses. His students have gone on to become highly notable figures in weightlifting, powerlifting, cycling, fitness and academia. To find out more about his history in academia, click here.