Professor Lon Kilgore has been an innovator and contributor to the evolution of strength training and the fitness industry in general for decades. His lifting and coaching career traces back to the iron plate days of the very early 1970s. He has coached, as primary coach or consulting coach, some of the best lifters in the US and has taught many of the best coaches and trainers in the US in the classroom, seminars, or online. He might be best known for his work with Mark Rippetoe as concept originator, co-author, illustrator, and book designer for “Starting Strength” and “Practical Programming” (first and second editions). He also co-created the Basic Barbell Training and Exercise Science specialty seminars offered through CrossFit in the mid-2000s. After a 20-year professorial career in international higher academia, he currently writes and illustrates science content for the Essentials section of the Crossfit main page. He also creates and delivers vocational-education courses through the Kilgore Academy and continues to dabble in research (Pubmed-KJL, Pubmed-KL).


The things I like to do and that I am occassionally pretty good at doing. 

Illustration and captioning illustrations begins with research into the topic to be treated. Reading science literature, considering how a topic might be best represented visually, and how best to describe the resulting drawn image occupies most of my days. Running the Kilgore Academy requires time as well, but teaching within the fitness industry has always been a primary function, and these two avenues of educational effort are complimentary. I've been trying to use my experience and doctorate in Anatomy & Physiology to make a difference in how trainers and coaches are prepared for almost three decades. The books, magazine articles, illustrations, and online courses I have authored since my first book effort in 1995 are focused specifically on producing better fitness professionals. 

I train. I have fun competing in things. These include an on again-off again 47 year (and going) competive career in weightlifting, a decade in powerlifting, a year in track & field, and I have and continue to add new endeavors periodically. Some are one off explorations, some like track & field become new fixtures. From the outside this may seem like short attention span theater, but its not, its an ongoing and lifetime endeavor to maintain existing, develop new, and often restore work capacities across broad time and modal domains. 

You can pick up a copy of my book Anatomy without a Scalpel or my book with Julie Hanson, Deconstructing Yoga, at Amazon.com. Niether of these are your typical books on the topics, they are intended to be directly useful to trainers and coaches. The yoga book has the best, most objective, and scientifically sound descriptions of yoga postures, of teaching and of programming yoga available. Specifcally designed to improve the mobility of the average gym-goer and start the unfit on the path to fitness.

There are numerous classes in science, fitness development, and fitness practice at the Kilgore Academy. Prices are as low a $79.95 and earn CEU credits.